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It seems that we could perceive a hint of sadness at all times from Audrey Hepburn. It’s no doubt that she resonates with modern females strongly at the present time. At the time of Hepburn’s 75th birthday, we even could remember overwhelming news on the internet when she leaved the world. Most people have taken Hepburn as a cultural icon after ten years. She is always listed at the top of “the most influencing woman” or “the most fashionable woman”, leaving many permanent looks in numerous people’s heart, no matter stars or common people. Even Victoria Beckham revealed that she has a virginal shrine at Beckingham Palace devoted to the star.

When it refers to her name, one could remind the retrospective fashion in the 1950s and 1960s, such as lounge music, nightclubs, board games, cocktails, etc. Until now, her performances in Breakfast at Tiffany are still taken as classic works. Although the character in novel was a call girl, Hepburn shines in the masterpiece aged 32. Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine, once said, “Most looks launched by Audrey Hepburn are all classic and they will come back periodically to catwalks of famous brands. At the same time, she is also the key female star in the 20th century on par with Jane Fonda or Marilyn Monroe, who also launched enduring style in the twentieth century. Every time when we would like to style “timeless” looks, we will refer to some classic looks of her.”

It’s interesting that Hepburn also resonates with ordinary women. When I was young, my mother always followed and imitated Audrey as a feminine icon. In the first decade of the 21st century, it’s unbelievable that a female star could influence people born later than the end of her career. She is reluctant to connect with women’s liberation, for unpleasing results incurred by such matters.

Extremely slender figure reveals signs of anorexia. So, she was often cited with twiggy. Though many persons do not believe it as a problem. However, it is absolutely a comfortable legacy. Why should we bear such a beautiful burden? She remained the “young-lady-like”, on behalf of modernity and liberation after the World War II. She represent herself as her thought, even insider of the renowned female star is more attractive than her body.

The relations between Hepburn and popular feminism is obvious in the context of boom growth. Although difficulties about balance of work, families and relations were concealed by gorgeous gloss of her identity. Many brides also referred than Hepburn’s influence when it comes to choosing wedding dress. The classic “little black dress” or “dancer’s black outfit” are followed and imitated in many cases. One could approaching elegance as much as possible after recreate similar dress style. Most stars are all special, but also ordinary people when they confronted themselves.

But anyway, she is the most influencing female in fashion and charity. She also impresses most people with elegant look with furry beret, taking a special position in many people’s minds.

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