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In recent days, some time travel genre suffered problems for unclear reasons, and Timeless is one of them. The renewal of the TV was cancelled, and it is absolutely a bad news for Timeless fans.

Since one seldom looked back into the past to confirm whether her or his mother or father fall in love with each other in the 1960s, or enter to future and carry a hoverboard and a sports almanac. Some even hate to take time travel as a tool in films, TV shows, science fictions or even in musical theater adaptations.

The first mission have connection to the crash of the Hindenburg. All ordinary time travel plays are about how to change something to avoid disastrous sequences at present. Some appalling events probably would happen in future, so time travel TV series may provide one an opportunity reduce damage or minimize harmful results. The eyecatching look with beret grab my attention at the first glimpse.

In the very beginning, Timeless is very smart to include one principle or restriction at the time of foundation. So time travelers could be restricted by some principles, so that they could not change something once again. For instance, one could not go back to a place himself or herself visited, and this principle allows things happening to a certain direction. One also could not go back to a space or any time another itself already exists.

The show is interesting and my son aged 10 love to watch it. Characters of the TV series will go to visit a time, conveying a little historical knowledge to audiences; at the same time, visit and enjoy brand new environments with new costumes. There are many factors attracting audiences to see them one episode after another.

Creators are too smart and all they could appear in each episode. It’s inevitable that there are some anachronistic jokes, such as calling themselves Dr Dre and Nurse Jackie.

Nevertheless, the water of time is threatened by time travel storytelling. When consulting specific reasons of producers about the cancellation, concise and clear answers haven’t been received until now. But the cancellation after the first season is disappointing for some loyal views. After release of sealed fate of the Timeless, many short messages afloat to surface from May.

In spite of anticipation of many following seasons, producers also hope to provide more wonderful masterpieces to all audiences. They are very excited to board a lifeboat out for an excursion, extending an interesting story in a unique way. All motivations up the studio, network, cast and crew are fans in front of TVs. Every fan deserves exquisite and sophisticated works of art.

Lisa Katz, co-president of BNC entertainment, is very glad to disclose the final chapter of the remarkable story. In addition, sincere thanks to all fans from cast, crew, producers and partners for their pursuit were extended while the disappointing news is released.

Details of the Timeless are not available now. It’s possible that the “two-part” pattern seems mean the long time projection TV up to two hours.

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